How was March?//The Erasmus Diaries #4

Another month has come and gone and as more of a time capsule keepsake for myself, I’m going to do an update on how my second month on Erasmus was.

In this present moment, I am sitting in one of my favourite coffee shops in Utrecht with a big mug of mocha beside me. At the start of April, I (of course) fell down some steps while I was in Prague and sprained my ankle very badly. Right now it’s not the easiest to walk on, is a gorgeous on trend colour of purple bruising and is still pretty swollen.

But this isn’t me pulling out tiny violins. I’m trying not to get my spirits down that my birthday is next week and I had planned to dance the night away, but instead I’m gathering all the positive thoughts I have, in the hope that my ankle heals in time (ok universe?)

So this is a positive, draped in daffodils, sunny list of how March went.

In March…