Letters to Spring (in the Netherlands)

Dear Spring,

2nd of February 2018,

Yesterday I officially moved into my new apartment, in my new college, in a new town and in a new country. You’ve made me feel right at home, Spring, and the weather here is not much different from back home. Though everything around me is strange and new, I’m settling in OK and taking everyday as it comes. Thankfully I’ve already found people to embrace this new adventure with.


Interview: I am a woman in Afghanistan

As part of a college assignment last semester, we were asked to write a report on an issue of our choice, that is effecting a developing country. I chose to the theme of gender equality and with the magic of the internet, I managed to get in touch with an inspirational female vet in Afghanistan. She told me her story and how she and many others won’t let the force of inequality crush them. 

The Nowzad veterinary clinic in Kabul is revolutionary in many ways.  The clinic, which relies on donations for the work it carries out, is the only official animal shelter in Afghanistan. They offer practical training programmes for veterinary students and they provide vaccinations and care for animals, that have been adopted by soldiers in war torn parts of Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya and Kuwait. The clinic also proudly boasts that its staff include Afghan female veterinarians, something that is considered a ground breaking achievement in Afghanistan. One such vet who Nowzad put me in touch with, is Malalai Haikal.


Let me tell you a Secret


After a month at home in my sleepy, wintry little town, I made a trip up to Dublin before I head away next week, (did you know that I’m going away on Erasmus? Don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet..!) I’m heading home today, but at the moment I’m in my favourite little coffee shop in the Liberties, waiting for my friends to finish their lecture (so strange that I won’t be in class with them this semester!) before we go for lunch. But while I’m here, I thought I’d tell you about a secret I learnt in January.


My Travel Plans for 2018

I plan on doing a fair bit of travelling this year. In T-minus 8 days I will be moving to the Netherlands for five months. Since there will be so many amazing countries surrounding me and it’s easy to travel with an Interail Pass, I plan on seizing the opportunity and exploring as many countries as I can

I want to be realistic and not include too many on the list, but if I manage to do all the places I’ve mentioned then I’d be more than happy!


Countries I want to visit:

Germany: I got an e-mail from my college in the Netherlands, saying that part of my course will involve going on a field trip to… BERLIN. A big step up from the school trips I took as kid! I’ve heard great things about the city, so I’m excited to see what this field trip has in store.


How to survive January

You’d have to feel sorry for January.

You’re at a party. You’ve just finished enthusiastically enjoying the company of December and up ahead, you can see February and Spring sipping on cocktails. You start making your way up to them, when you get stopped by January (or ‘January Blues’ as your friends have nicknamed him). You’re stuck now. You’ve no choice but to make awkward chit-chat, as he drawls on about the terrible weather, how quiet things are at work and how he feels like such a let down next to his neighbour, December. The conversation lasts for ETERNITY before you can eventually make your excuses and head over, to greet February and Spring with a warm hug.