Hi there!

The last day Sprinkle Of Glitter (one of my favourite youtubers and bloggers) posted a blog on gratitude . I was left with the warm and fuzzies after reading it, but it also left me thinking of what I’m grateful for in life. She encouraged her followers to make their own gratitude list so here is mine !

My Gratitude List 

1. Family: Even though we always don’t see eye to eye they are always there for me. My little brother who listens to my rants on life late at night, my dad who works as hard as he possibly can. And  my mom who gives the best hugs and always has food prepared for me when I come home from work. 

2. Friends: I’m grateful for my friends and how they accept me and never judge me even when I’m being really weird. I’m grateful for them being there when I need a chat, when I need a hug or when I just need someone to laugh with. I love how we can share inside jokes that never get old (‘Singapore’ ,’I saw him on the hill’, ‘you can’t sit with us’) or that I never seem to get bored of their company.

3. My Senses: It’s something I take for granted everyday but I’m so lucky to be able to see and hear (obviously walking is on that list as well but I don’t think it’s classified as a sense) I can’t imagine the world without colour. Not being able to see the smiles of the people I love, the sun setting over the sea or the colour of Autumn leaves. I also can’t even comprehend the world without noise-laughter, dogs barking, waves against rocks, music, chatter of people around me. I’m so lucky to be able to experience all of these everyday 

Obviously there’s a lot more that could be added to that list- my health, having a bed to sleep in, food etc but the ones I listed I think are the main ones for me 

If you want why don’t you write your own gratitude list in the comments, or just make a mental note. It feels really good to do and I know it’s something I should do more often!

Bye for now!


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