My Favourite Place

Hi there!

We all have a favourite place. Be it your room, your back garden or among the smell of musty books in your local library. It’s the place where we love to be and where we feel most comfortable. My favourite place is a walk I do with my dog.

For you to understand why I love this walk so much, let me paint a picture for you.

I begin the walk by exiting my estate. I’m led on to a path that leads to a busy entrance road into my town. Cars, lorries and van whizz past me, exhaust fumes lingering in the air. I quickly cross the zebra crossing anxious at this stage to get to my destination, where I know I will be welcomed by peace. I pace down a small and narrow path, passed the local hotel avoiding the cars coming out of the hotel car park. I stride down a small slope and I’m greeted my the sound of lapping water and the walk ahead.

                  To my left is a little stone wall with a gap leading into a field. I step through and unleash my dog. She begins burrowing her nose into the ground, eager to find out what other animals have left their mark since she was last here. Ahead of me are three different fields all separated by man made stone walls. The fields are usually used for cows to graze but is also often used as a walk for many people including myself. A little path has been created through the fields by the many people who have trekked through it throughout the years. It’s not long until I come to a much wider and bumpier trail, the sea now in full view.I’m able to spot fishing boats out far ahead along with kayaks sailing in little clusters like a pod of dolphins. All I can hear is the lull of the sea and the little patter of my dog beside me. Rarely someone will pass me, heading back where I just came from. I’ll exchange warm smiles but continue on happy just to have my own company. At the end of the path a gate would permit me from going any further was it not for two poles beside the gate allowing a compact gap for me to the squeeze through. I stumble down another slope and I am now faced with an option. To climb another slope to continue on through more fields or walk down to the beach that waits for me. I always pick the beach.

                    My dog goes mad running in circles kicking up sand as she goes, that dances in the air like fairy dust before settling back down on the beach. I make the walk along the beach. Above me is fields and an ancient castle (built during the famine period) is housed on a hill. Between the fields and beach is a makeshift wall made from enormous stones. Little rivers of water escape from gaps in the rocks and snake down the beach in a criss cross movement. When I reach the end of the beach I’ve also come to the end of my walk. I head back the way I came from- along the beach, through the gate, along the path and the fields. And back towards reality and the noise of life.

And that is my favourite place.

The walk is actually called ‘Slaidin’ which I’m pretty sure is an Irish term. I looked it up on the internet and it supposingly means ‘from the valley’ which I think is lovely.

I love being surrounded by noise but every now and then when I want to escape, this is the perfect place to go.

My favourite time to do this walk is in the evening when the sun is setting, because I always get the most breathtaking photos

DSCF0753 DSCF0075 DSCF0049 DSCF0837 DSCF0786 DSCF0841 DSCF0744 DSCF0836

****I’d love to know what is YOUR favourite place. Is it something similar to mine or is it completely different?****

Bye for now!

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