September Shopping Haul

Hi there!

Welcome to October! *scatters leaves over your head*

Like most girls I love shopping, but I always do it in moderation. Last month was a different story though. Since I saved up most of my money during the Summer I had some to spend. And because of that I was put into a very ‘shoppy’ (I’m guessing that’s not a word, but it should be!) mood. So I thought I would share with you, a haul of all the lovely little things I bought during the month of September! 😀

Cheryl Skater Dress: For ages I’ve been saying to myself that I don’t have a ”little black dress”. So I decided to change that! I got this off Boohoo ( I love how simple it is. And the heart shaped mesh around the neckline is a nice touch and covers you up but still shows your figure off. When it came in the post I thought it looked TINY but its stretchy so it fits comfortably. The only fault I had with it was that the neckline was quiet low, but I was easily able to alter the straps up higher

Catrice Ultimate Colour (310 Red My Lips): To go with my black dress I thought I would buy some red lipstick (a classic look!) I love this colour, it’s very daring and very red! Not the usual look I would go for, but with the black dress I think it could work!

Xti Territory Ankle Black Boot Heels: What I love about Autumn is the return of boots! Saw these and kinda fell in love. The heel is higher then what I usually go for, but after some practice I should be strutting around no bother (ha we hope).

Giorgio Armani Si: I ran out of perfume a while ago and I was meaning to restock! Spent ages sniffing different perfumes, to find the one that suited my personality the most. Came across this one by Armani. For some strange reason it reminds me of Christmas (like woodlands and cinnamon). It’s not a very sweet smell or neither is it overpowering which I consider a plus!

Xti Territory Beige Builder Boots: These boots are a copy of Timberlands (I know I’m joining the band wagon) I can picture me wearing these with some skinny jeans and a big coat during the colder months. I also love the fur lining on  the inside

Penny Paisley Print Kimono: The last kimono I bought got damaged in the wash (heartbroken) but I love the whole kimono trend so I had to get another one! I love this one from Boohoo because of all the colours and designs. It’s quiet long at the back. But I like that because if you have any trousers that you don’t like your bum in that much, this is a nice cover up.

That’s it for my September Shopping Haul! I hope you enjoyed reading it and tell me what you think. Do you have any of these products yourself? Or would you recommend any products I should check out?

Bye for now!.

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