Ed Sheeran Concert

Hi there!

Since hearing The A Team back in 2010 (yeah it’s that old!) I fell in love with Ed Sheeran. I didn’t get a chance to see him, when he came to Ireland last time round. So this time I made it my mission to see him live! On Monday I traveled up to Dublin and met up with my friend, and off we went to see him in the 3 Arena. We arrived a little bit behind schedule so we only got to hear one song by the support act, St Raymond. But from what I heard I liked. It was the type of support act I expected Ed to have- energetic kinda poppy. I thought St Raymond was really good and for a guy who’s only nineteen he did brilliant, and created a great atmosphere to the place.

When Ed finally arrived on stage it was fascinating to see how one man with a guitar, was able to have a crowd of 14,500 all in the palm of his hand. From start to finish he was perfection. He had the perfect balance of soft slow and fast paced upbeat songs.His energy was contagious and he got the crowd involved as well. By asking us to sing back a tune to him to help start a song off. The screens behind him also added to the concert. For example when he sang One, beautiful drawings appeared on the screen telling the story being the lyrics. He naturally sang songs from both his albums. Favourites of mine were Thinking Out Loud (the official music video for this was released last night). Take It Back (this track is different from his others because he raps like he did in You Need Me I Don’t Need You). And of course A Team. This was the highlight of the night for me because during this song everyone whipped out their phone lights and held them in the air creating a sea of fireflies across the arena. Pure magic.It was a brilliant concert and it lived up to everything I was hoping it would be.

ed sheeran 3

I’ll definitely be going again the next time he has a concert in Ireland

Have you ever seen Ed Sheeran live? Would you like to? What artists have you seen in concert? I’d love to know 🙂 x

***Pictures courtesy of my friend (my phone died during the concert!)

Bye for now!

ed sheeran 1ed sheeran 2photo (6)

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