Part 1: Exploring Cape Cod

                                                                               Have you ever been to Cape Cod? No? Well scrawl the name on your bucket list because this place is beautiful. Found jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean this part of Massachusetts, America is around a two hour trip from Boston, depending where you are on the Cape. It’s also full of quaint little towns, houses with shingle exteriors and magnificent beaches. I’m spending the next two and half months on the Cape as part of a traveling holiday. So let me start off by informing you of places I’d recommend not to miss and things I’ve done.

                      In my first week here I happened to be around for the Yarmouth Seaside Festival in South Yarmouth. As part of the festival there was a market of a stalls in a local school field. I adore stalls. You never know what you’re going to find going from one stall to the next. The wide variety of items never failing to catch my attention especially if I come across something unique, that you know know you won’t get in your local K-Mart or Target. Another reason I love stalls is because most items are handmade and to meet the crafts people face to face gives the whole experience a more personal feel. For example one stall did carefully painted Disney Princess pegs, and old fashioned glittery Disney themed lunch boxes. Another did shell ornaments by turning ordinary seashells into decorative angels, perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree.

                                                                DSCF0978[1]        DSCF0973[1]

                      Another town in Cape Cod to add to your stops is Hyannis, particularly Main St. The street is full of little cafes, restaurants, gifts shops and everything in between. Hungry? Go to the crepe place. Or if you want to be healthier try the Green Lotus Cafe. But then treat yourself and head to Little Miss Cupcape or Ben and Jerry’s. Gifts? Bella of Cape Cod is where I’d go. This dainty gift/ jewelery shop has everything from watches, necklaces to bracelets, all at affordable prices. It was hard for me not to buy the whole shop!

DSCF1171[1]  DSCF1173[1] DSCF1191[1] DSCF1333[1]

                      Finally my last stop for you to head on (for now!) is Chatham. Expensive but lovely I’d mostly head to this town for the Lighthouse Beach just outside the town. I’ll let the pictures do the talking 😉

     DSCF1239[1]   DSCF1254[1] DSCF1252[1] DSCF1251[1]

Thanks for reading! Have any of ye ever been to Cape Cod? Or do you want to go?

Bye for now x

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