Part 3: Exploring Greenville, South Carolina

Hey there!

Another place I’ve been to on my travels is Greenville, South Carolina. I would describe this as an artistic, modern and cultured town. Though supposedly this wasn’t always the case for the place. In the last couple of years special effort has gone in to revamp the town in certain areas. Take Downtown Greenvile. Falls Park on Reedy River was recently done up in 2002, by creating the Camperdown Bridge. World renowned architect Miguel Rosales assembled this impressive 355ft ling 12ft wide, curved suspension bridge.

DSCF1463[1]  DSCF1465[1]  DSCF1464[1]

The bridge is only kept up by wires on one side … pretty cool what you can do with architecture!

 While going over the bridge you pass the superb cascading waterfall, beautiful in the evening when the sun is setting. The area is also a host to public garden and oasis, plazas, public restrooms etc.

Greenville is also filled with character by the different sculptures and art around the town


Fun Fact: I passed the ‘Westin Hotel’ which is a hotel Barrack Obama stayed in (yes I took pictures, yes I know I’m such a tourist)


Something new I tried during my time in Greenville (which I’m quite proud about) is I ate some raw oysters! Not the best thing I’ve ever eaten but now at least I can say I did it! (*Tip: Swallow don’t chew*)

Thanks for reading! Hope ye have a good weekend (Thanksgiving next week! EEK!)


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