The Late Late Toy Show (an Irish Tradition)

Hey there!

So if you don’t live in Ireland you might be a bit confused as to what the Late Late Toy Show is. So let me fill you in.

The Late Late Show is the longest running chat show in Ireland, and once a year they do a toy show on the lead up to Christmas. And it is the most MAGICAL THING EVER.

It’s filled with singing, dancing, surprises and cringe worthy moments galore!

You know it’s the run up to Christmas when the Late Late Toy Show comes on the Telly. This year was my first time not being at home for it, which felt very strange! It’s a true family tradition in our household ( and most houses across Ireland) to sit down and watch the show. Instead this year I sat down with my aunt in America ( who also grew up with the show), and we streamed it online (ah good old technology) .

Even at seventeen I think it hasn’t lost its magic. The moment that stood out for me (and for everyone else, as it ended up going viral) was when Ed Sheeran came on to surprise a young fan. It was the cutest thing ever and literally the definition of magical ( I’ll leave the link here for ye:

I’ll leave it at that!

Hope ye all had a great Thanksgiving. I’ll be doing a blog post on my first (!) Thanksgiving experience later this week , so keep a look out!

But my question for this blog post is :

Is there any traditions that you do every year, that remind you of home?

I’d love to know!

And thanks for reading 🙂

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars


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