My First Thanksgiving and Chilling with some Pilgrims

Hey there!

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Ireland, so to be in America to celebrate my first Thanksgiving felt pretty special.

Thanksgiving is a lot like Christmas (minus the present giving and decorations)-family sit around at a table and you all eat a big meal together. I love how food is such a social gathering place for people. It’s when you can (and should) turn off the iPhone’s and engage with the people around you.

My Thanksgiving was spent in Boston with the family. What made it extra special was that it had snowed that day, so the place looked like a Winter Wonderland in my eyes. Doesn’t everything look so much prettier with a blanket of snow covering it?!

Me being delighted with the snow

A place my aunt brought me to learn more about Thanksgiving, was Plimouth Plantation. This place is honestly just the coolest. They recreated the area to look like it’s 1960 and had actors dress (and talk!) like the people from that time.

There was an area with the Indian tribe, then you went for a short walk and you’re in the village where the English lived. It was all so interesting and fascinating to see the different way of life of the people, and to learn how Thanksgiving came about.

The actors were also excellent, they had everything on point. If you ever go and visit be sure to ask them questions, that’s the best part! But don’t take their answers to heart because the views the actors express aren’t their own, they’re of the people of the time.

The Indians (Plimouth Plantation)
The English (Plimouth Plantation)

Thanksgiving was great all in all, now to start looking forward to Christmas! I’m going to be home for Christmas after two months of being away so I’m really excited! (eek!)

Until next week,

Rearranging Stars

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