Where my blog name came from

Hi guys!

So since your feed is probably full to the brim with ‘New Year’ blogs, I thought I would do something different!

Two nights ago I was flicking through my ‘Brilliant Ideas Notebook; (a book I was given by my friend where I write down all my ideas for writing / blogs). And I came across brainstorms I had scribbled down for my blog name.

On the top of the page was a quote from The Fault In Our Stars ”My head is full of stars I can’t fathom into consolations” 

This quote really strikes a cord with me because my head is always filled with thoughts and things I want to say and express to others, but sometimes I find it hard to put my thoughts into sentences.

That’s why this blog is known as Rearranging Stars because this is the place where my thoughts are the stars that I’m trying to fathom into consolations.

Therefore my blog is described as ‘my general thoughts on things’ because I am rearranging my thoughts onto this blog.

This blog helps me express myself and for every view I get (even if it’s just my mom reading), it feels nice to know that someone out there is reading these thoughts.

This is my 20th blog and my final one before the New Year. I hope ye all have a great 2015 and enjoy the celebrations tonight!

See you in 2015

Rearranging Stars


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