My opinion on Charlie Hebdo

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**** Writing this I made an effort to keep all my facts true and did the research beforehand. But if I got something wrong or left out anything I’m terribly sorry. *****

Reading the paper this evening I had a sudden urge to write a blog about the recent events regarding Charlie Hebdo. Right now France and the Wold are still reeling from the horrific shootings that happened in Paris this week, where twelve people were brutally murdered

The reason behind these killings was that the cartoonist’s of the magazine have been, for a number of years, mocking Islamic leaders and their God Muhammad.

From doing my research it’s clear that the magazine Charlie Hebdo have been no saints, by creating extremely controversial cartoons. For example in 1970 the magazine mocked the death of the former French President Charles de Gaulle, and also a nightclub disaster in which a fire killed 146 people.

In my opinion I don’t think it’s right to mock other people’s God’s, but what is far worse is killing twelve innocent people. I’m not a spiritual person but from what I’ve been taught no God would approve of you killing one person let alone twelve.

I think my friend from France who I was discussing the killings with expressed it perfectly when she said: ”No Humanity”

No humanity is right.

No humanity was shown when these twelve people were killed, no thought was given towards their friends, their family, the people they were leaving behind.

It impresses me to see how France are reacting to the disaster. Instead of shrinking away in fear, the country is coming together and bringing the metaphor ”the pen is mightier than the sword” alive.

These men with guns are cowards, it is the people who choose to express their opinions peacefully and thoughtfully that are the real heroes.

What the world needs is less violence. But with the Globe reaching 7 billion inhabitants, some who feel violence and brutality is the only answer, it is getting harder and harder to do.

But what the Charlie Hebdo incident shows, is that maybe it can be done. As the quotes says ”for every bad person there are two good people.” And France have shown this with the revolution that is ‘Je Suis Charlie’

All these views are my own and I’d love to hear yours because as we’ve all learnt ‘la liberté d’expression’ (freedom of speech) is a right for everyone. 🙂

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