How people we don’t know effect our lives

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As people I think we can all agree that we share a common interest, on that no matter how much we deny it we can’t help but be fascinated in the going’s on of other people’s lives. From nattering over a cup of tea about the neighbour’s new haircut, or dissecting a friends holiday photo’s on Facebook, we can all get engrossed in other people’s lives. Something I’ve learned this week is that it doesn’t always have to be people we know.

In this week alone we sadly found out that the singer Lil Chris devastatingly passed away, Jermany Clarkson got fired from the BBC and Zayn Malik left One Direction. Even though most of us don’t know these people personally they have all effected our lives simply by the fact that they managed to generate an opinion or reaction from us.

The biggest news shocker for me was learning that Lil Chris had died. I can still recall my younger self bobbing around the sitting room, shaking my scrunchie tied hair and singing the words to ‘We don’t have to take our clothes off’, which was blaring on the music channel at the time. The idea that he was so young and suffered from depression before his death saddens me deeply. Though I didn’t know him he had an effect on my childhood and a small but important overall effect on a part of my life.

Yesterday two people who made an effect on many people’s lives were Jermany Clarkson and Zayn Malik. Whatever your opinion on them are, it was all people were talking about on Twitter. Every second tweets were popping up with people expressing their sympathy for Zayn, their view on Clarkson or just letting the world know that they couldn’t care less. You might disagree with me and say these two people haven’t effected your life but let me put it this way, in ten years time if I asked you do you remember when Zayn quit One Direction, I’m sure in the corners of your mind you’ll come up with the memory. It’s the same way my parents still to this day remember when Robbie Williams left Take That.

It seems silly that we should care about these people and the lives they lead, but seemingly we do. They impact our lives by generating a reaction, an opinion, a debate or a strong emotion. On one final note I’d like to say that I think the most important thing to be conscience of, is that the people we are discussing are people like us with feelings. That at the end of the day their lives really isn’t any of our business, the same way it isn’t our business to speculate on the lives of our neighbours.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, this was basically a combination of my thoughts over the last few days! I’d love to know what you guys think, leave a comment below if you like! 

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars



  1. It is amazing how the universe works. I have friends on social media I never met that affect my life. I really care about them and their lives. The people killed in the recent plane crash affect my mind, I never knew them or their names but their fate haunts me. The fact that one man could take them all with them haunts me too. Halfway across the world I feel their sadness and fear. We are all parts and bits of the universe. We affect people every day. That is why we should try to be kind. It makes the world a better place.


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