Polaroids, Cake and Feeling Loved

Hey there!

My birthday last week was a flurry of events.

You know when you were younger and someone would have a stack of paper, with a different positioned stick man drawn on each one? Then they rifle through it and you watch the little man move about and it happens so fast that you don’t have a chance to inspect and take in every page, so one minute the man is moving and the next it’s over. That’s what my birthday felt like… in a metaphorical way (ooo fancy!)

It was a day (actually more like a day expanded out into the weekend, not that I’m complaining!) , full of the best kind of surprises with the best kind of people. I honestly wasn’t expecting all the fuss,  but it left me with that warm glow I get when I’m happy that lasted all day ❤

That night I tried to scribble down all the going on’s of the day into a three piece stanza. I wouldn’t call it a poem, because I can’t rhyme but more like words put together to create a memory.

Birthday cake and pretty

                                                                               rose flowers,

                                                                               flushed cheeks and

                                                                               sideway hugs 

Shiny balloons and

                                                                                   pink ribbon string 

                                                                                   Screams of shock

                                                                                   turned to delight

                                                                                   More cake? Yes please

Polaroid pictures and

                                                                                 sunset strolls

                                                                                 Feel so lucky

                                                                                 Feel so loved

What’s been the best birthday you’ve ever had?

Rearranging Stars


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