I went to a football match

Side Note: I did something yesterday I’ve never done before… I went to a football match ( sorry if that was less exciting to what you were thinking).

Anyway not only did I go to a football match, I also sat and watched the full 72 minutes of it. And not only did I go and watch a full GAA match, but I also saw it in the one and only Croke Park. (First time there as well, kinda disgraceful if you think about it since I’m from a county which prides itself in match attendance).

One of the reasons I went was because we had to do a colour piece for a college assignment. So long story short, went to the match, saw the match, wrote a few hundred words on men kicking around balls. Now I’m sitting in the library procrastinating on a essay I should be doing, instead I decided to write a blog.

I’d like to point out that I know nothing about football, so during the match my very helpful brother told me what was going on when I was feeling lost or bewildered (did you know that they change goal positions after half time?! I though the players were losing it.)

Thus readers, if you’re interested to read how Kerry VS. Roscommon did yesterday in the National Football League Division One semi-final keep on reading!

Kerry sail through in yesterday’s match at the National Football League Division One against Roscommon, winning 1-20 to 0-13.

Fans young and old seated themselves in a chilly Croke Park clutching their lukewarm hot chocolates and overpriced chips, to watch Kerry and Roscommon play in the semi-finals of the Senior League Division.

Roscommon got the match going by scoring their first point, but after that the match laid firmly in the Kingdoms hands. Colm Cooper initiated some excitement by scoring the first goal of the match for the Kerry side. By the end of the first half the game stood Kerry 3-10 Roscommon 0-6.

Coming into the second half Kerry became more relaxed resulting in Roscommon securing a few more points, though that or the two minutes extra time at the end of the match wasn’t enough to out-take the Kerry team’s strong lead. Speaking after the match to RTÉ Éamonn Fitzmaurice, manager of the Kerry team, noted his team’s relaxed approach in the second half.

“It was comfortable enough but at the same time there were parts of the second half where we definitely got a bit sloppy and Roscommon put a good bit of pressure on us. They’d a good few wides at the end that if they kept chipping them over it could have been a lot tighter but we’re delighted to have won and delighted to be in the final.” Fitzmaurice said.

The match was uneventful with only one yellow card being issued to Niall McInerney from the Roscommon side. Anger was felt among the Roscommon fans towards the referee who allowed a free for Kerry on a number of occasions from what could be heard from fans as “nothing but a soft touch”.

Also controversy laid in the referee’s decision to allow Donnacha Walsh’s goal after he spun around with the ball in his hand, avoiding the defence of a Roscommon player just before he took his chance to score. Undeterred Roscommon supporters were in high spirits and continued cheering and howling for their team until the final whistle was blown.

Darran O’Sullivan from the Kerry side was named man of the match. Dublin won the second match that day between Donegal leaving the Dubs and the Kingdom to clash it out in the league final in two weeks’ time.



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