1.The Yummy Café


The Yummy Café can be found hidden away on the corner of a building in Tralee Co. Kerry. If you ignore the questionable café name (not that gone on it myself to be honest), it is awfully cute. The dangling light bulbs, mismatched furniture, cute denim uniforms and peeling wall paint to expose the brick underneath gave the place a quirky look.

IMG_1488.JPG  IMG_1478

The café also had a little side play area for kids with a mini kitchen and toys. Then if you felt like sitting outside, the café thoughtfully had blankets at hand (probably my favourite little touch).


But now to the most important part. The pancakes. They served pancakes with the breakfast menu (which baffles me, pancakes are suitable for all time of day) which lasts until 12.


I always order my pancakes with my preferred coffee, a mocha (who am I kidding, it’s the only coffee I drink). The american style pancakes came stacked, with maple syrup and a berry compote. I adore berries with my pancakes, so this suited me just fine.

I was in Tralee early while waiting to meet up with my mom. I sat in the Yummy Café in peace as I enjoyed my breakfast while scribbling in my notebook with blog ideas and general thoughts.

I’ve been back since and I’ve known for the place to get very busy around lunch time. Usually full of mothers meeting over a coffee to natter while their little ones enjoy the play area. But if you’re looking for a quiet place in the morning to relax I found this place perfect, and it’s my favourite place to spend time in if I’m ever visiting Tralee.



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