2. Anderson’s

Have you ever been to Drumcondra in Dublin 9?

I often find myself on that side of North Dublin and surprisingly I’ve found a lot of gourmet cafés or restaurants all tucked away in the side of buildings . One of these places has been Anderson’s.

The ‘continental style cafés’ as they call themselves, has two different businesses. One is their  Food Hall and Café and the other is their Café and Creperie.

I found myself in the latter on two occasions trying a choice of their sweet and savoury crepes (yes yes I know crepes aren’t technically pancakes, but they’re still in the same family, right?)

The place is weirdly nice. It’s mostly blue, with very dim lighting, with the only real source of light coming from the two skylights above you. The place is definitely not short of seating, but for a place quite small you end up being quite intimately close with your neighbour next to you. While waiting for your food you can watch the chef making all the crepes as the kitchen is open spaced. Oh and did I mention the random gigantic orange flowers decorating the ceiling? After the whole ‘oh right, why are they there’ , they eventually blend into the décor and become a sweet decoration.

You’re definitely not short on choice of crepes, as the menu is three pages long. They also do gourmet sandwiches as well as coffees and desserts.

On my first visit there I ordered this little creation. The crepe wasn’t lacking in size, and it decorated nicely with Greek yoghurt (a bit strange) and a berry compote (yum).

IMG_3528 (1)



I visited again, but this time it was for brunch. I ordered a savoury pancake that was filled with chicken, spinach,  caramelised onions and roast peppers. It came with a side salad of salad and chilli hummus. This was my first time having this kind of crepe and I really enjoyed it (try new things and all that jazz!)

(Though personally I still prefer pancakes.)

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