Imaginary Friends

A while ago my friends and I were sitting in the canteen in college, and as usual our conversations were direction less but some how we got on the topic of our long forgotten, childhood imaginary friends.

Late a few nights ago, with this blog post in mind, I thought of the imaginary friend I had who’s long departed from my life. I pondered over the experience and scribbled it down into my notebook.

Here’s an insight into my brain at night:

I’m sure we’ve all had one. It’s a natural process to go through as a child, no? It surprises me when people say they’ve never had an imaginary friend as a kid, maybe you had one but you no longer remember them? To think about it is amazing, that a child can create a person and a friend who isn’t really there. They give them a personalty, feelings, thoughts, how they look and act, all with their imagination.

The most amazing thing about all this, is that they believe that this person is there with all their heart and soul.

My imaginary friend didn’t have a name ( I think I was too lazy to bother). But I can clearly recall he was a boy. He wasn’t always by my side but would appear whenever I needed him, like when I was going ‘down to the shops’ (ie. a walk from my kitchen to my sitting room). Or when I was on a mission and to jump across fiery lava of doom (ie. hopping from one cushion to the next without touching the ground).

Every kid eventually grows out of their friend. They get too old and as it usually unfortunately happens, reality replaces imagination. I remember my moment, I must have been about five at the time, and I can still see it now. I was on my tricycle (oh they were the days) in the hallway, chatting away to my (imaginary) friend who was next to me on his tricycle. I clearly remember zoning back into the world, leaving my world of imagination for a second and the cold truth of reality hit me, that I was only talking to a blank wall. I had broken the spell and saw the reality and I couldn’t undo it. My embarrassment at my foolishness left me losing interest in ever having chats with my friend again. The simplest way to put it, is that suddenly and unexpectedly I grew up (*shudders*).

The imagination of a child is incredible. Sometimes when I’m stressed preparing for my summer exams or thinking about my future, I wish I was that kid sitting on her tricycle creating a world only she could see.

But I suppose that’s what writing is there for.

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