4. The Buttery

Friends! Readers! Random people who just stumbled on here by accident! I have found the holy grail of all pancakes!

Gather around and let me tell you.

The Buttery (not the Butterly as I mistakenly called it for months before I actually read the sign properly) is in Limerick.

Limerick City isn’t well known for many things. But they’re slowly trying to re innovate themselves by launching Limerick 2020, which is a campaign that’s in the process of making the city a candidate for European Capital of Culture by the year 2020.

One thing that the city has in their favour is that they have great spots to eat, Buttery being one of them.



The place is very pretty, with plenty of seating and welcoming and extremely obliging staff. The interior is bright and airy, little features such as lanterns being used as lights and little pink and blue baby shoes hanging off the bathroom doors, add a nice little touch.

Every sort of person was filtering in and out of the café. Families with young kids, loved up couples, friends catching up over a coffee or hungover 20 something year olds seeking a fry up.

IMG_4018  IMG_4020

The pancakes weren’t cheap at 7 euro (not including berries which were extra), but they were unbelievably delicious.

When they arrived they looked glorious (as you can tell by the picture above) and the waitress had no problem when myself and my friend cheekily asked for some cream.

Buttery currently holds the number one spot as my favourite place to have pancakes, but you never know this could change…

A bit of suspense is a nice way to end this blog.

I hope you have a lovely day.


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