This blog doesn’t have a name

*Stretches fingers*

*Takes a deep breath*

Ok, let’s do this.

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated my corner of the internet. Where do I begin?

To be utterly honest I don’t have anything to say.

My friends will scoff and roll their eyes at this statement… “well that’s a first”, they’d mutter.

You reading this are probably already hovering your finger over your phone, ready to click away.

But before you do that, let me explain. It’s been a long time since I’ve written or discussed a topic on here that I feel like this is all new for me. So before I get back into the deep and thoughtful stuff, I’m using this post to try to ease myself back into blogging.

So how have you been? Oh that’s good. Me? Well I’m into my first week of my second year of college (no longer a baba). I’ve also moved into a new house with one of my closest friends.

The thought of a new year in Dublin excites me and at the moment the possibilities feel endless but at the same time unimaginable. For me, my summer felt like a party that you’ve hyped up but when you actually get there it turns out to be a bit of a flop. I may (or may not) do a blog post on that, we’ll see. But now it’s time to regain some of the adventure I lost this summer and make sure the same doesn’t happen next year.

So I think that’s us all caught up.

To end this random intro back into blogging, I’m going to leave you with an equally random ending.

Here is a picture of the last beautiful thing I saw.



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