Midterm Break

I had a reading week from college in the last week of October. It’s basically a week where we have college off and we can use that time to ‘read’ or catch up with course work. It’s handy and it also gives me an excuse to go home for a little while.

Do you ever find that there’s a particular time in the year that you dislike the most, or that you can never see eye to eye with? For me I think it’s the transition from Autumn to November, which also happens to fall on my reading week.

My mind or my body can never seem to wrap itself around the change of season. How is it dark by five? Where are all the colourful leaves gone and why is it raining all the time?

Also this week in particular seems to hold many bad memories for me.

During midterm, when I was thirteen my uncle died in an accident. During that time it was my first experience with death and that period in my life became bleak and hard for my brain to make sense of everything. Every year my uncle’s anniversary falls on midterm break and every year it marks for me how fast another year has rolled around.

This time last year I was very unhappy. Issues in my life meant I was running back to Dublin by the time reading week was over, but responsibilities and life made me stay in my small town during that week.

And finally this year one of my closest friends pet dog passed away. I think for anyone who has a dog knows that their death is as significant as the death of any loved one. Seeing her so upset  and listening to how she had to leave one of her best friends go, broke my heart.

This blog is a bit morbid but they are a combination of thoughts I had the last night, while sitting by the pier looking out at my town.

It’s strange how moments in my life have reflected the bleakness of the change of weather.

But it’s also strange that these sad times all happen within my small town, and you’d think I’d want to escape and leave. But I always find myself willingly coming back here again and again.


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