Teaching kids about feminism

One of my college modules this year is to run a kids news site called CLiC News. The website is for kids between the ages of eight to twelve years old. During class times they can log in with their teachers and see all today’s current affairs.

What I found different about this part of my course is that I have to write news stories tailored towards children. With this impressionable audience, you can feel like you have a duty to inform them of all kinds of important issues. For me I felt this need to talk about feminism. Yes a heavy enough topic and would they actually care is another question, but I thought I’d broach on the subject and see the reaction.

To ease them into conversation I wrote a book review on a children’s novel called The Making of Mollie by Anna Carey. The main character was a proud feminist and it was all very relatable to children. The book review went live, and all was ok in the comment section with no one screaming blue murder.

As a follow up piece, I wrote a post called ‘So what is feminism?’

I wanted to explain it in the most simplest term. But I shouldn’t have worried because one sentence summed it up perfectly.

“Feminism is when you believe women should have equal right to men.”

I demonstrated how in certain parts of the world girls can’t go to school because of their gender. I was also very keen to emphasis that everyone can be a feminist.

“It’s not just women who can be feminists, boys can be too! It’s when you think that your sister, your aunt or your mom should all have the same kind of rights and be treated like you do.”

When I was learning about feminism myself I had the stereotype of “angry women who hate all men” stuck inside my head. What I didn’t want was for these kids to walk away from the piece and still believe in that stereotype.

What took me by surprise was the comments. Kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit to be, and I was blown away by their maturity.

fullsizerender  fullsizerender-1

So if a bunch of ten year old’s can understand and be taught about feminism, and treat it with respect… than what is everyone else’s excuse?


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