My Relationship with Makeup

The relationship people have with makeup fascinates me. It’s first off an art form, that can’t be argued with. You can change the shape of your face, accentuate your features and use your eyelids as a canvas to create shades of colours all blending into one like a painting.

What interests me is when people become dependent on makeup to go about their daily life. There is nothing wrong with this and everyone has their own reasoning for why they do that, but for years I never needed this. That all changed for me a year or two ago,

when people began to become obsessed with Cara Delevingne and her eyebrows (the way people were acting it was like they were their own person).

Suddenly I was looking at my own eyebrows in the mirror. Why were they so patchy? Were they shaped ok? Did I even have any eyebrows?? Fast forward to me scouring makeup shelves to find something that would fill them in. Should I use pencils or powder? How dark was too dark? Maybe it was down to society pressure or I just became aware of it myself, I’m not sure, but for someone who never cared about any type of makeup I cared an awful lot.

I think everyone has that one makeup item they can’t live without. Foundation, highlighter, lipstick, but for me it’s my eyebrows. Now when I leave the house without my eyebrows being done I’m conscious of it. I don’t particularly like pictures of me without any makeup on and I feel more confident on days I’ve filled my eyebrows in. I can guess what you’re thinking, I’m talking about my EYEBROWS, it sounds ridiculous. Or maybe you can relate with me?

At the same time I never want to become so reliant on makeup that I can’t look in the mirror and not like myself with my bare face. I think that’s important. Yes, I know I’m not at an intervention stage where I’m talking about being scared to leave the house without full coverage foundation, fake eyelashes, the whole lot.* But to me I still think it’s vital for me to embrace my naked face even if it means I’m just rubbing off a bit of makeup on my eyebrows.

Some days I go out with ‘no eyebrows’ and no mascara, even if I don’t feel 100% doing it; because I need to remind myself I’m pretty with or without makeup. And you are too 🙂


*I want to clarify that if someone wears a full face everyday that’s fine if it makes them happy and makes them feel more comfortable, once they don’t feel like it has become a problem

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