Back to College Meal Ideas (from an actual college student)

Hello everyone,

If you’re a college student like me than more than likely every night you are faced with the daunting task.. what am I going to eat?

Yeah pasta is alright and all and if you start losing the run of yourself you might just ignore the task of making food and just eat out all the time. But as nice as these two options sound, they’re not going to last forever (or you’ll just run out of money/ get scurvy ).

I think cooking is such a vital skill and I think is one of the most rewarding activities you can do for yourself. If you don’t cook it might sound silly, but after making a meal for yourself it can be a really moment of pride. And college, when you don’t have many responsibilities and you’re just getting the hang of the whole adult lark, is a great time to try out putting together a meal for yourself.

In my first year of college I tackled the kitchen with a calm demeanour (though quietly feeling nervous on the inside… “how do I turn on the gas??”) and though there was some mishaps along the way (I once set an oven glove on fire), I can say at this stage I can cook myself a decent meal.

While I was learning how to feed myself  I always turned to websites for advice, after much searching I would come up with a decent inspiration meal, but that was after digging through all the different varieties of spaghetti bolognase dishes that you can think of.

Before starting college, during my year out, I would go to my local library and take out battered old Jamie Oliver books and scour through them for meals I could practise on.

If you’re looking for inspiration these meals that I make regularly might help you out

  1. Chicken Korma: This is my favourite curry to make and I got the recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food. Because I love vegetables and just because it’s good for me I add spinach, baby potatoes and courgettes in with the curry when it’s boiling away. This is a filling meal and I usually don’t serve it with rice since I’m getting enough carbohydrates from the baby potatoes.
  2. Fish: I love fish and a quick way to cook it is in the oven. Place it in tinfoil, put a knob of butter on top, squeeze a lemon and sprinkle some parsley. Pop it in the oven for about 25 minutes and serve with veg. Ta da you’ve made yourself some dinner. Well done, you’re adulting.
  3. Burger: My favourite butcher to buy my burger if I feel like treating myself is Fallon & Byrne (yes I know we can all hear my purse faintly screaming in the background). They’re three euro and taste great, and are also a lot better than the meat you can buy in huge supermarkets.


Everyone differs so find out what food you like making. I love vegetables but maybe you like spiciness, experiment with recipes and see how you can change them to suit you.


Useful websites:

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