My Relationship with Alcohol

During the past year I’ve seen this discussion floating around the internet and it’s led to me thinking more about my mindset with alcohol.

To start off with, I do drink.

I was what some people would call a late starter to the whole drinking scene, and I didn’t have my first proper drink until I was seventeen during a work party. It was the one and only drink I had that night, and I went home feeling giddy and happy.

Even nowadays I don’t drink an awful lot. I never had the wild teenage years where I’d pre drink at friends house, sneak naggins into nightclubs or get sick in the taxi home. Do I think I missed out? No. I think if any of those scenarios had happened I would have hated it. I’ve only begun to enjoy drinking recently and that’s because I do it with people I feel comfortable with.

Some of my best memories have been when I’ve been drinking. Getting tipsy with my friends in my local pub, falling into a deep conversation with my friend in the smoking area or pulling my friends on to the dance floor to an over played pop song.

I drink for two reasons:

I drink because it gets me drunk. Typing that out makes me sound like I have issues, but let me put it into more context. Friends after college may enthusiastically suggest a few cocktails and I decline.What’s the point in buying two cocktails for twelve euro at five o’ clock in the day when I’ll just be going home afterwards. It’s expensive and I’m not getting the buzz.

I also drink because I feel awkward if I’m with a group of people and I’m the only one not drinking. That sounds like peer pressure but I don’t feel any pressure to do it, I just prefer not to be the only one sober.

I suppose these reasons sound like I have an unhealthy mindset but I think this is the way society portrays the way we treat drink and I’ll admit I’ve been conditioned to think this way.

But at the same time alcohol isn’t effecting my life negatively so feeling this way towards drink doesn’t bother me.

Though I sometimes do panic that I don’t go out enough compared to other students my age. I’m told that college is the best years of my life and I’ll regret it when I’m older that I didn’t take advantage and get drunk more often. But in these moments I remember what my (very wise) friend once told me.

“You’ve been worrying that you don’t go out enough since you were fifteen. Going out and getting drunk all the time isn’t you and you shouldn’t feel ashamed to do that. If going for lunches or coffee dates is how you socialise that is completely fine. You shouldn’t constantly put this pressure on yourself to socialise in a situation that you don’t enjoy all that much”.

So there you have it, I have a pretty stable relationship with drink, but it’s not 100% positive all the same.

Can you relate? What’s your relationship with alcohol?

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