Halloween? More like Hallow-not-my-scene

You may not be aware, but Halloween is next week.

(This is sarcasm, it’s not like it’s possible for us to forget).

Now, there are two types of people, those who absolutely live for planning their outfit and those who shudder at the idea of celebrating the holiday.

I hope you’ve guessed I’m the latter.

There are parts of Halloween I do enjoy. I love carving pumpkins and seeing cute babies dressed up in ridiculous costumes, but that is as far as it goes for me.

The history behind Halloween is quite lovely; that it is part of a three day celebration in remembering the dead.

But the Halloween I have been brought up with is the commercialised holiday we all know.

As a child it was socially required of me to trek around my town begging locals for sweets, so every Halloween I trick or treated with my friends.

And every year as a kid I was the same thing- a witch.

I would be caked with patchy face paint and stuffed inside a black bin bag with holes for my arms and legs. Finished off with a wonky hat on my head and a broom in my hand.

Then myself and my friends would be ferried around town and encouraged to knock on strangers doors.

I have memories of being able to see people inside their houses and the look of horror that would cross their faces, when they would spy my friends and I by their doors. I can remember one particular women jumping behind a door and refusing to answer our screams of TRICK OR TREAT (and do you know what, I don’t blame her).

The night would end with me returning home with a pain in my stomach from all the chocolate I ate and a headache from the smell of the bin bag and face paint fumes.

As I got older I got a bit more creative and started dressing as a cat for Halloween; this was before it became popular I swear.

Occasionally I did put effort into my costumes, and one year my friend and I dressed up as “puppet and a puppet master”. We ended up winning “best costume” at our school Halloween party (exciting times).

Halloween 2
I hope you find this picture as funny as my friend (Róisín Chapman) did when she saw it

Though my biggest issue with Halloween, probably lies in that it centres around scaring people. I hate being scared and the fact that on this day it is deemed acceptable to traumatise people; baffles me.

Nowadays I celebrate Halloween by avoiding it altogether.

Do you enjoy Halloween? Are you like me and just pretend the day doesn’t exist, or are you planning on dressing up?


*** Thank you to Laylah Beattie for coming up with the title of this post 

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