A Chat about Cruelty Free Makeup

This post isn’t within my usual schedule (hello Tuesday’s at 3pm), but January has been sucking the motivation out of me. I live in quite a small town and during this month, a lot of businesses go into hibernation; including the only two good coffee shops. Heartbreaking. So I’m slowly getting through this month.

In this post I want to focus on some environmental and lifestyle changes, I want to make in 2018.

  • Start using a Keep Cup
  • Eat less meat
  • Use cruelty free makeup


I buy a coffee mostly everyday and since I’m either on to run to college/ work, or I want to go for a walk with my coffee in my hand, I order the coffee to go.

I first heard about Keep Cups, which are re-usable coffee cups, after my local coffee spot starting stocking them. I didn’t think much of them to be honest, but after seeing a report on the news that in Ireland 2 million takeaway coffee cups are thrown into landfill EVERYDAY; the pangs of guilt hit me hard. So this year, one of my changes is to buy a Keep Cup and do my bit in reducing that crazy number.


I’m not a huge meat eater. I rarely eat red meat, though I do love fish and chicken. I’ve toyed with the idea of becoming a vegetarian, mostly because of the positive effects it would have on the environment (less green house gas and use of resources like fossil fuels). It’s something I’d slowly like to change, so starting next week I’m going to keep track of how much meat I eat everyday and see ways I can cut it down without taking away from my nutritional intake.


Cruelty free makeup videos have been popping up in my YouTube subscription feed recently and out of curiosity I watched a few. It opened my eyes to what brands still test on animals, and I decided to go through my makeup bag and see how much of my own products are cruelty free.


My Makeup Bag 

Cruelty Free                                                                                              Non Cruelty Free

Real Technique makeup brushes                                                         Benefit blusher

Eco Tool makeup brushes                                                                      Benefit bronzer

Lily England makeup brush                                                                 Benefit highlighter

Collection eye shadow powder                                                            Benefit mascara

Collection concealer                                                                               Benefit concealer

Laura Geller Powder                                                                             Lancome eye pencil

Morphe Palette                                                                                 Maybelline liquid eyeliner

Urban Decay eyeshadows                                                                  No7 lipstick

Sleek palette

Cruelty free (left) and non cruelty free (right)


I’m surprised and pleased with how many of my products turned out to be cruelty free. Though I do love Benefit ( as you can see by how many of their cosmestics I have!), I’m going to find an alternative once the products I have run out.

The question is though, if so many brands can go cruelty free and their makeup is completely fine to use, then why is there still some who continue testing on animals? There are over 7,000 safe ingredients that cosmetics companies can choose when making their products, so the use of animals which can often cause stress, pain and even death, is inexcusable.

A main point in the cruelty free discussion is China. If a brand sells in China, it automatically means their products are tested on animals. This is because it’s the law in the country that makeup products, are submitted for animal testing in governments labs before regulators approve them for sale. With this in mind, it depends how extreme you want to take the concept of going cruelty free with your makeup. Take Urban Decay. The brand is cruelty free, but as their parent company is L’Oreal (which sells in China i.e. tests on animals), it means that if you buy from Urban Decay, you are essentially putting money into L’Oreal’s pocket.

Animal testing goes farther than just makeup of course and it also effects skincare, hair products, toothpastes (I was shocked by this one), perfume, deodorant and much more.

Have you ever considered going cruelty free?


A really useful source for all the above information is the website Cruelty-Free Kitty

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