My Friendship Corners

A bit of a weird one today, but I do love picking random topics like this and unnecessarily analysing them.

My friendship circle is broken into four corners



I met one of oldest friends for dinner over Christmas. We used to meet up constantly, one summer we genuinely spent every single day together. Though now, because we go to different colleges and I don’t go home so much because of the commute, we unfortunately see less of each other. Reunited in the restaurant, we had a lovely meal and shared a bottle of wine. We ended up being one of the last customers there, as we spilled our problems, dilemmas and thoughts to each other.

I turn to her when I need to feel like I’m home

Two years ago I made friends with two girls at work. Together we create the perfect trio. We get silly drunk in our favourite pub in town, talk nonsense and go for sporadic coffee dates.

I turn to them for effortless company.

 Work also brought me another friend. She’s older and wiser, I discuss life with her and she weighs up all my thoughts evenly.

I turn to her when I need to be motivated.

justice 2
I found this beautiful drawing on Pinterest :

I have my college friends who I drag to the same coffee shop everyday, that they probably murmur the name of it in their sleep at night. They’re all diverse, never stop talking and amuse themselves constantly. But we somehow click.

I turn to them when I want chats with a multi perspective

I have friends who are proper adults and work in Dublin. I became friends with them through work (work has given me a lot of friendships), and though we’re at different stages in our lives, they’re supportive and encourage my dreams we free our schedules so we can catch up during lunch dates.

They are there for me when I need to feel inspired 

One of the things I’m looking forward to with Erasmus, is the new people I have yet to meet.

I’m excited for the future 

I hope you have a lovely Tuesday, and enjoyed this little insight into my memories and thoughts


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