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Planning and Preparing// The Erasmus Diaries #2

It’s been a few months since I wrote my first post in this series, and since then there’s been a lot to update you with.

After returning back to college, I was flooded with e-mails from both my own college and the university I will be travelling to. if you’re planning on going on Erasmus, be prepared, there will be A LOT of forms to fill out.

Firstly, I had to fill out two sets of paper work to do with my learning agreement, which is basically an agreement between my Irish and Danish college on what modules I will be taking while I’m doing Erasmus.


So it begins// The Erasmus Diaries

Written 8/8/17

Since starting college I knew that during my third year I would have the chance to try and participate in Erasmus.

For any of you who don’t know, Erasmus is the EU student exchange program, where with the help of my college I will go over and study in a university in Europe for a semester.

I found out last week that, all going to plan I will be going on Erasmus to Utrecht in the Netherlands in Spring 2018(!)   With that in mind I thought that it might be interesting to document the process of taking part in the programme; the lead up to actually going and to blog about it when I’m finally over there.


Exam Advice (from someone who’s been there done that)

Hey there!

So most schools in Ireland did their mocks this month (pre exams that are preparation for the Leaving Cert in June, or A Levels and SATS as they are called in other countries). And now that midterm is over a lot of students will be getting their results backs from their mocks.

As someone who did their Leaving Cert last year I thought I would dedicate this blog to advice/ techniques for exams to anybody who thinks they need it.