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How to survive January

You’d have to feel sorry for January.

You’re at a party. You’ve just finished enthusiastically enjoying the company of December and up ahead, you can see February and Spring sipping on cocktails. You start making your way up to them, when you get stopped by January (or ‘January Blues’ as your friends have nicknamed him). You’re stuck now. You’ve no choice but to make awkward chit-chat, as he drawls on about the terrible weather, how quiet things are at work and how he feels like such a let down next to his neighbour, December. The conversation lasts for ETERNITY before you can eventually make your excuses and head over, to greet February and Spring with a warm hug.


Welcome back!-A reintroduction

If you’ve been a bit of a regular snooper on my blog, you might notice that things look a bit different.

After three years of the same theme I felt my blog didn’t represent me anymore. I wanted something that suited where I’m at now; a layout that was professional but at the same time colourful.

As you can see my new colour scheme is one of my favourite colours- purple!