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Let me tell you a Secret


After a month at home in my sleepy, wintry little town, I made a trip up to Dublin before I head away next week, (did you know that I’m going away on Erasmus? Don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet..!) I’m heading home today, but at the moment I’m in my favourite little coffee shop in the Liberties, waiting for my friends to finish their lecture (so strange that I won’t be in class with them this semester!) before we go for lunch. But while I’m here, I thought I’d tell you about a secret I learnt in January.


That time I interviewed a Christmas Elf

A few days ago I moved out of my Dublin house, because next year (i.e. in 43 days) I will be moving to the Netherlands (ah).

And since it’s only six days until Christmas Day (I’m available to hire as a personal countdown all year round), I thought it wold be nice to do a festive themed post today.

If you’re a regular reader you may know I’m journalism student, and sometimes as a journalist you need to get creative when coming up with story ideas.

For college last year, I was writing for a children’s website and as it was coming up to Christmas, I thought it would be nice to do a Santa themed story. An idea I had was to interview an “elf” who worked for the man himself.