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What Impact does Alcohol have on Relationships?

This year I entered  “Let’s Talk about Drugs” National Youth Media Awards Competition 2017. Below is my submitted entry if you care to give it a read.

“Stay away from drugs”

This is told to us all from a young age. Yet when it comes to alcohol, the most commonly used drug of them all, the message is far more relaxed. Made up of water and distilled ethanol (ethylalcohol) and produced by means of fermenting grain, fruit or vegetables; it can effect parts of the brain that control movement, speech, judgement and memory. Alcohol is also the most socially acceptable drug to take in society, especially amongst friends and family.


Midterm Break

I had a reading week from college in the last week of October. It’s basically a week where we have college off and we can use that time to ‘read’ or catch up with course work. It’s handy and it also gives me an excuse to go home for a little while.

Do you ever find that there’s a particular time in the year that you dislike the most, or that you can never see eye to eye with? For me I think it’s the transition from Autumn to November, which also happens to fall on my reading week.

My mind or my body can never seem to wrap itself around the change of season. How is it dark by five? Where are all the colourful leaves gone and why is it raining all the time?

Also this week in particular seems to hold many bad memories for me.


A Series of Letters to Autumn

November is upon us, but I’m not quite ready to let Autumn go. During September I wrote a series of letters, all directed to the season itself. Here are a few I wrote.


Dear Autumn, /// 1

14th September, 2016

You’re defining nature and today you’re summer (at least that’s what it feels like). I’ve escaped your intense glare and everyone else for that matter so I can sit and enjoy you from a distance. Don’t get me wrong Autumn, I won’t hide away from you forever, I just need sometime to myself. You understand that, right?