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Letters to Winter

Last year, after being inspired by a video I saw online, I decided to write a series of letters to Autumn. 

I really enjoyed penning together these strange letters and getting in an unusual frame of mind where you have to imagine a season is a person, with feelings and a personality.

This year, I’ve decided I’m going to do the same, but instead I will write to Autumn’s friend and foe, Winter.


Dear Winter///1

10th November 2017,

You’re finally here. Today walking to college from Pearse St, I felt the sting of  your coldness on my cheeks and the warmness on my skin from the early sun. This was your way of letting me know, it was time to welcome you back.


Bad brain days

I’m generally a very happy person . I experience other emotions too, though normally I am some type of happy- excited, content, giddy. But at some point during the summer I started feeling down; having a sad day isn’t unusual but this manifested into a sad week… where my brain felt numb to the point where I stopped feeling dejected and just felt emotionless.


What Impact does Alcohol have on Relationships?

This year I entered  “Let’s Talk about Drugs” National Youth Media Awards Competition 2017. Below is my submitted entry if you care to give it a read.

“Stay away from drugs”

This is told to us all from a young age. Yet when it comes to alcohol, the most commonly used drug of them all, the message is far more relaxed. Made up of water and distilled ethanol (ethylalcohol) and produced by means of fermenting grain, fruit or vegetables; it can effect parts of the brain that control movement, speech, judgement and memory. Alcohol is also the most socially acceptable drug to take in society, especially amongst friends and family.