Decluttering and Sorting my Life Out

Hi there!

I decided the last day that I would tackle the unthinkable, the thing that I have been pushing to the back of my head for weeks. The task that makes me come up with a billion other things I could be doing : walk the dog, brush up on my French, start a scrapbook, learn how to do the perfect back flip (luckily for my safety and others I never got this far on the list). My level of procrastination truly has no limit.


Where my blog name came from

Hi guys!

So since your feed is probably full to the brim with ‘New Year’ blogs, I thought I would do something different!

Two nights ago I was flicking through my ‘Brilliant Ideas Notebook; (a book I was given by my friend where I write down all my ideas for writing / blogs). And I came across brainstorms I had scribbled down for my blog name.

On the top of the page was a quote from The Fault In Our Stars ”My head is full of stars I can’t fathom into consolations” 


Food For Thought: Sign Language

Hey there!

Something different I want to talk about today is Sign Language.

My little cousin is non verbal/ special needs. She is now seven years old (they grow up so fast!). Her mom (my aunt) was told she would never talk, but if you knew my aunt you would know she never takes anything lying down. She decided from the start that she would do something about it.


Book Review- Girl Online (no spoilers!)

Hey there!

Two blogs in one week! I’m on a role (for how ever long it lasts! 😛 )

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or you’re just not clued into the internet enough) then you mightn’t have heard of Zoe Sugg. But you should, because her novel ”Girl Online” has been announced as the fastest selling debut novel since records began. Pretty big achievement for a twenty four year old.