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Dear blog, happy belated birthday

Hey there

On the 22nd of August 2014 I sat down, set up an account on wordpress and thus RearrangingStars was born! A year on and 49 blog posts later and I’m still typing (happy days!).

I did have a big scheme in my head where I would make it my mission for this blog to be posted on the actual birthday of my blog. Alas I’m not as well organized as I like to make myself feel and life got busy and my poor blog got a bit neglected.

It’s a bit like the friend who’s birthday you’ve forgotten, so in an effort to make it up to them you arrive laden with cake and presents (virtual cake and presents in this case)


Let the Gap Year commence!

Hi there!

So I guess I’m officially on my gap year (hurray!).

I completed my Leaving Cert this year (which is like the equivalent to the A Levels in the UK and the SATS in America). For  most people the next stage would be university. Yet since I’m only the tender age of 17 and I don’t feel ready for the whole ‘university experience’, I thought I would take a year out. The prospect of having a whole year to myself, without the structure of strict timetables and demanding school bells is kinda weird. The thing I’ve promised myself though, is that I won’t let this year go to waste! So I’m going to write a list of everything I want to achieve and do this following year. 🙂