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Happiness on hold

At some point in your life someone is going to try and control your happiness.

They will think it’s their business on how you use your happiness and where you find it.

But it never is.

They will try and dictate it and give reasons on why your happiness will effect their own happiness. Finally they will throw their ace card on the table and explain to you ‘that they are only asking you to do what’s best for you.’


How people we don’t know effect our lives

Hey there!

As people I think we can all agree that we share a common interest, on that no matter how much we deny it we can’t help but be fascinated in the going’s on of other people’s lives. From nattering over a cup of tea about the neighbour’s new haircut, or dissecting a friends holiday photo’s on Facebook, we can all get engrossed in other people’s lives. Something I’ve learned this week is that it doesn’t always have to be people we know.


Decluttering and Sorting my Life Out

Hi there!

I decided the last day that I would tackle the unthinkable, the thing that I have been pushing to the back of my head for weeks. The task that makes me come up with a billion other things I could be doing : walk the dog, brush up on my French, start a scrapbook, learn how to do the perfect back flip (luckily for my safety and others I never got this far on the list). My level of procrastination truly has no limit.


Let the Gap Year commence!

Hi there!

So I guess I’m officially on my gap year (hurray!).

I completed my Leaving Cert this year (which is like the equivalent to the A Levels in the UK and the SATS in America). For  most people the next stage would be university. Yet since I’m only the tender age of 17 and I don’t feel ready for the whole ‘university experience’, I thought I would take a year out. The prospect of having a whole year to myself, without the structure of strict timetables and demanding school bells is kinda weird. The thing I’ve promised myself though, is that I won’t let this year go to waste! So I’m going to write a list of everything I want to achieve and do this following year. 🙂