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An Anti-New Years

New Years has never been my favourite time of year, actually to be honest with you I hate it. Streets are rowdy and crowded, making plans with people is an impossible task and the whole concept is a hype; that hit midnight we need to cheer and celebrate new beginnings when really it’s just the start of another day (jeez I’m a bundle of positive energy).


Why I hate camping

Welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m going to tell you why I hate camping.

As it’s now summer,  I won’t see my college friends as much as I did during the year, in an effort to all stay in touch we were debating what adventure we could get up together during the three months. Lauren (or was it Natalie?) suggested camping. This was met with a prompt hysteria of ‘NO’ from myself and David  (https://laylahtalks.com/)